Who Are We?

KTP is a bore drilling company based in Karachi, which offers wide range of specialized boring services in Groundwater Geophysical, Geological and Geotechnical studies. The primary objective of the firm is to promote the role of Geo-engineering technology in the fields of civil, groundwater engineering and resources exploration. This is done using geophysical survey equipment, submersible pump and accessories. This can best be achieved through high quality work, employing integrated Geo-engineering technique and Professional expertise.

The spectrum of KTP services is broad and includes surface/subsurface investigations for Tube Wells, Reservoirs, Pipe lines, Mines, Submersible Water Pumps and high Rise Buildings. KTP talks the language of its Clients and provide them practical solutions compliable with constructions, economy, structural adequacy, Public safety and environmental responsibility.

KTP equipped with modern machinery to carry out the job of to the entire satisfaction of the client. The consulting and construction services of KTP are supported by strong data base, field equipment, computerized processing and analysis.


In the name of Allah The Most Gracious the Most Merciful!

Khawaja Furqan (Director) founded Karachi Tubewell and Pumps in 2015. He set the company’s standards by establishing a commitment to provide the clients with unsurpassed knowledge, experience, service and dependability.

Karachi Tubewell and Pumps has grown to be one of the complete water boring services company in the Pakistan. Khawaja Furqan, owner of KTP holds true to the commitment of providing the most comprehensive water services in the industry. At first instance it was a small scale service organization.

KTP started the business with an aim to provide best quality service with economical prices. Quality remains our manifesto and price a challenge to provide service the best out of best. Every day Diesel and other raw materials price hike which never becomes a stumbling block in our way to compromise over quality. A team of young and energetic labors and drillers work hard to provide the services which should be more resistant and accordingly.

I am grateful to the Almighty Allah who has bestowed me with the best professionals and I am thankful to you all who have a great confidence.
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