The cost for water boring in Pakistan is the most sought after question to our beloved users. This is why we’ll answer most of the questions regarding it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s dive into these questions to provide you clarity. 

How much does it cost to perform bore installation in Karachi?

Water boring cost in Pakistan, especially in Karachi ranges from 3 Lakh to 5 Lakh rupees, depending on the requirement of the users. For more in-depth information and discounts, click here to contact us.

What is the boring machine price in Pakistan?

A water boring machine price in Pakistan costs around 50 Lakh, which KTP already possesses in order to provide you with exceptional water boring services.

What is the best boring wala in Pakistan?

It all boils down to your personal preference and budget. However, KTP is one of the best boring wala in Pakistan, especially in Karachi when it comes to service-to-budget ratio.

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